In June 2021, the Hyatt Place London City East location opened its doors for the very first time, but I got a sneak peak in September 2020 when the hotel was still under construction. This new hotel represents all London has to offer, with a modern contemporary style, married with industrial elements and softer touches of greenery. Today, I’m taking you behind the scenes of the shoot. 


The Location: Hyatt Place London City East

The new hotel is a 280-room hotel on Whitechapel Road, close to the financial district and the famous Whitechapel area which is undergoing regeneration. It is the perfect base for both business visitors with meetings in central London, and leisure visitors who want to see all London has to offer. 

The communal areas feature unique murals and pieces by local London-based street artists, which makes the hotel a truly one-of-a-kind space to inhabit. In the entrance, guests are presented with two incredible murals by Brixton-based abstract artist, Olly Fathers. I was lucky enough to get inside the hotel as construction was wrapping up to shoot the sample rooms, bar, exterior, and communal areas. 

Hyatt Place hotel photography Hyatt Place hotel photography


The Photographer: Me! (Viktor Kery

With over 13 years in the hospitality industry, over a decade of which has been spent behind the camera, I’m dedicated to creating on-brand storytelling images for hotels, venues, and restaurants that help potential guests feel what it would be like to spend time in the hotel and sell them on the ambiance and quality. 


The Shoot 

This shoot was happily (relatively) close to my home in the South East, so arriving at the hotel was no more difficult than any other trip into central London. The shoot lasted a total of 3 days, 2 of which were intensive, covering all the necessary bedrooms and public spaces. 

The bedrooms have a clean, modern look, with contemporary shapes and lines. They mix cool, relaxing colours with splashes of bolder colours that balance the excitement of the city and hotel while ensuring the rooms are somewhere guests can come back to and relax at the end of a long day in the city. The hotel is fortunate enough to not be shadowed by taller buildings on all sides, which allows the rooms to be bright and airy. 

Hyatt Place hotel photography

The best rooms at the hotel have the luxury of a private balcony, which have a calm, beachy feel with decking and pebbles, and some of the best views the city has to offer. These rooms will offer guests the perfect private getaway while being in the heart of the city – truly something to lust after! 

Hyatt Place hotel photography Hyatt Place hotel photography

On the third day, I focused my energy on taking night shots of the view from the Skyline Terrace. The bar itself embraces bold colours, luxurious metallics, and a contemporary-meets-industrial style. 

Hyatt Place hotel photography Hyatt Place hotel photography

The hotel is beautifully positioned to see across the city in all directions, and the bar, which is located on the ninth floor, makes the most of this view with an outdoor terrace, which will be a beautiful location to enjoy a drink on dusky summer evenings. I had to wait 4 hours to get the perfect shot of the skyline, but the resulting images made it worth every minute. 

Despite the fact that the hotel was still under construction in some areas, the staff did an incredible job at making sure all the shoot areas were ready for the shoot, and looking like the kind of areas potential guests could imagine walking straight into from the photos. However, that’s not to say that the shoot went smoothly without hiccups! 

The biggest challenge for this shoot was the exterior shots – taking a good shot from street level proved almost impossible! That area of the city hums with life, and getting a shot I was happy with just wasn’t possible. To get around this, I pulled out my trusty drone. 

The exterior of the hotel makes a statement and demands to be noticed, with dark grey brick at ground level climbing up in steps to meet a bold, mustard-yellow exterior high up, which is not only fashionable but stands out, while the dark grey brick blends in with the historical nature of Whitechapel. 

Hyatt Place hotel photography

There’s a restricted fly zone in place in the area due to a local hospital, so I had to be extra careful and balance getting the shot with keeping an eye (or ear!) out for helicopters, which come and go from the hospital frequently. Despite the additional challenges, I was able to get the perfect exterior shot which includes the backdrop of the city skyline at sunset. 

Overall, the shoot was a great success and the resulting photos capture the stylish, modern, and luxurious atmosphere – we even managed it all right on schedule! 


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