Aerial photographs used to be a huge investment and incredibly difficult to get – in fact, some photographers used to sell aerial shots of people’s homes to them as a novelty that they would take from a helicopter. Today, any homeowner can buy a budget-friendly drone and get a shot of their home, but what about commercial businesses? 

Hotels and other businesses can’t just grab a drone and snap a couple of photos. Besides the fact that the results will lack the high-end feel of a professional, you need to put in the right prep work. However, once you’ve found the right drone photographer, these photos can be used for a wide range of applications, showing the beauty of your exterior, the vastness of your grounds and amenities, and can even be used to show large, indoor conference setups. 

What do commercial drone photographers need? 

Drone operators need to have the right certificates and insurance to be safe to fly a drone over a commercial area, and every flight must have a risk assessment. Drone photographers often have to contact the right local authorities to get permission to fly, especially if your location is near a local airport (and so in a no-fly zone), in crowded urban areas, and other areas of concern. This permission often involves an additional cost. 

In addition to the legal necessities, your drone photographer has to take into account the weather conditions, nearby buildings, where members of the public may be, and privacy.  

Why should a hotel have drone photos? 

• It’s a staple in your marketing assets 

Your drone photography can be used in almost any marketing you create for your hotel, and unless the building undergoes a huge renovation, the photos will be relevant for years to come. You’ll be able to use the photos on social media, on your website, in print forms such as in magazine ads and in brochures, and much more. 

Hyatt Place London

Hyatt Place London

• You can use it for mapping for large resorts

If you have a large hotel with various amenities in the grounds or sights to see, your drone photos can serve as the base for a map. Many hotels use an illustrated map, but being able to see what’s really there means your guests aren’t left guessing if something looks a little different in real life than it does on a drawn map. 

Copthorne Hotel

Copthorne Hotel

• It can show off the grandeur of your building 

The exterior of your hotel is often just as important as the interior when guests are considering where they want to stay, especially if you’re somewhere that hosts holiday guests, weddings, and events. Show your guests what they will experience when they stay with you – it’s also good for planning for event planners and photographers!

• You can stand out from the crowd 

While drone photography is growing in popularity, it’s still not common place to see aerial shots while browsing hotels to stay at. A beautiful drone photo of your hotel will immediately draw the eye and make you memorable in your potential client’s mind – it’s that “wow” factor other hotels often can’t compete with and shows guests that you can offer a luxury experience.  

Qbic Hotel Manchester

• Show guests what they can experience with you 

If you’re a large resort or country hotel, you likely have various activities for couples and families that they can do away from everyone else. Drone photos can show your guests enjoying these activities, such as swimming, kayaking, hiking alone so they can truly visualise themselves there and enjoying those same experiences. 

• Capture the feel of the location 

Whether you’re in the city or countryside, your guests choose you for the feel of your hotel, and capturing that is all down to your photos and the words you use in your marketing copy. Drone photos can capture the surroundings of your hotel to best convey the feel of your location, show off any views you have, and reassure your guests that they won’t arrive to find that your hotel is next to something undesirable! 

Hampton by Hilton

Hampton by Hilton

What goes into getting drone photos of a hotel? 

While the preparation needs to be professional, the actual process of getting drone photos is straightforward and won’t disrupt your day-to-day operations. Drones are quiet, small, and professional drones take incredibly high-quality photos and videos. The setup of a drone can often be done in less than a minute, meaning your photographer can get it up in the air quickly to capture just the right lighting or moment of an event at your venue. 

If you’re looking for the right photographer to truly capture all your venue has to offer, I’m here to help. With over 13 years of experience in the hospitality industry, I have a deep understanding of your needs and what your hotel images need to capture. To find out more, check out my Instagram or contact me today.